About Us

is an after school enrichment program engaging children to reach their full potential by exercising their cognitive thinking skills. We teach students the basics of the game and as they familiarize themselves with various chess strategies they are introduced to intermediate and advance chess techniques.  Our students are nurtured through caring instructors providing positive reinforcement.  GRIOT Chess instructors understand that each student is important and we hold them to high expectations.

We advocate the learned traits of: Respect, Fairness, Responsibility, Sharing and Genuine Care.  We promote a diverse environment of acceptance and inclusion which helps prepare students for the global community.   ‘A mind in motion tends to stay in motion.’  We keep our students thinking which contributes to developing their critical and creative thinking.  Our students develop their minds while acquiring skill sets they can apply to all aspects of their lives for years to come.  All this just by playing chess with new and old friends!